Friday, June 15, 2007

Blog Item #19: About this Blog, Guns -N- Stuff:

I created this Blog so individuals will have a place to Sell, Purchase, and Trade Guns, Ammo, Knives, Archery Supplies, Military Surplus Items, Martial Arts Equipment, and other Weapons.
License Firearm and Training Instructors may list their services here.
Gun Shows, Camping Expos, etc. may also list there up coming events up to six months in advance.

Disclaimer - The Blog Creator (Administrator) is NOT responsible for the content of any posting; it’s validly, the outcome of any sale, purchase, or trade of any item or the ultimate use of any item listed on this Blog. This shall include both known and unknown parties or transactions that may be conducted or arranged through a 3rd party arising out of the knowledge of items listed on this Blog.

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Warning: Conduct the Sale and Purchase of any item within the lawful limits. Always watch out for fraud and scams. Never accept payment for any item unless it is in the exact amount. Seller's if paid by personal check, money order, cashiers check, or bank draft make sure you have your bank authentic the check and 'Block the Funds' so you will be paid. To buyer's make sure know the full price of the item including shipping and handling. Shippers check with USPS, UPS, Fed-X, DHL. etc. to know the restrictions on shipments and contents before sending them. It is best recommended that firearms and related items be conducted in person, if at all possible. Watch for This Blog is a conduit only and is not responsible for any loses or illegal activity.