Thursday, January 31, 2008

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The following, in order, can be found on this Blog Forum:
1) Sell, Trade, or Buy a Firearm or Weapon
2) Gun Control, post your opinion, pro or con
3) What kind of firearm do you own
4) Black Powder, Cap and Ball discussion board
5) What do you think of Cowboys
6) Reloading your own Ammo, pros, cons, q-n-a
7) Home Invasions are on the rise, are you prepared
8) Hunters – tell us your stories
9) A section just for Veterans, how the VA has failed, a government in disgrace
10) Archery Lovers
11) Gun Owners is the NRA helping or failing us
12) List Gun Shows and Events in your area
13) The AK47 versus the M16, your opinion, which is better
14) Why Carry a Handgun
15) Handguns, semi auto versus the revolver, your opinion which do you prefer
16) Alternatives to carrying a handgun, what is your preference
17) Even if you ban handguns, there are always alternative ways to kill someone
18) Packing the necessary firepower, what is too little or too much
19) About this Blog

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Blog Item #1: Guns, Firearms, and Weapons 4 Sale, Wanted, or Trade:

Please Post Here ALL......
Guns for Sale
Knives and Swords
Martial Arts Equipment
Gun Supplies
Gun Accessories
All Weapons of any kind
Gun or Weapon Items Wanted
Guns for Trade

thank you ....
remember to add contact information for buyers.
also, all buyers are reminded to check local laws for sale and purchase of any type of weapons.

ALL Private sellers and buyers world wide welcome.
Dealers and Manufactures welcomed to advertise your products.

Blog Item #2: What is your opinion on Gun Control?

Blog Item #3: What Kind of Firearm (Gun) Do You Own?

Blog Item #4: Black Powder - Cap and Ball:

Blog Item #5: What Do You Think of Cowboys?

Wouldn't it be great to return to the days of yesteryear, the old west.

Blog Item #6: Reloading Your Own Ammo:

A Questions and Answer (Q-n-A) Forum:

Blog Item #7: Home Invasions Are On The Rise:

Are you prepared?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Blog Item #8: Hunters - Tell Us Your Stories:

My favorite picture, hunting in Poland.

Deer hunting, Texas style.

Blog Item #9: This Section is for Our Veterans:

Our Veterans are treated like crap when they return.

The VA (Veterans Administration) is a joke.
This government (both Republican and Democrats) would rather give free health care to Illegal Aliens than to a Vet.
It is a disgrace.
Are you a Vet?
I am a disabled Veteran from the Iraq War.
I like to hear from you - your opinions, experiences, etc.

Blog Item #10: Do We Have Any Bow and Arrow Enthusiasts

This section is just for Archery discussions.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Item #11: Gun Owners and the NRA:

Does the NRA (National Rifle Association) truly represent gun owners, sportsman, and hunters?
Lets get a topic going on this one.
If you are older, like my Dad, you will remember when the NRA was worth belonging too, now it's just another organization with its hand out for money in membership fees and trinkets for dale.

Blog Item #12: Gun Shows, Events, Gun News, etc.:

Please post all GUN Shows here.
Also please post Magazines, Books, etc. 4-Sale here.
Please help Gun Owners, post here any and all new legislation - federal or state.

Blog Item #13: The AK47 versus The M16 Rifle:

The AK47 is the most used assault rifle in the world and is Russian designed but manufactured in various countries. The M16 is U.S. designed and is standard issue to all U.S. Armed Forces, NATO Troops, and U.S. Allies.
Which do you prefer and why?
Lets get a good debate going on these weapons made in both semi and automatic versions.

Blog Item #14: Why Carry A Handgun?

Blog Item #15: Handguns - Semi Automatic versus the Revolver:

Which do you prefer and why?
Please leave your comment.
Hopefully this will stimulate a healthy debate among handgun owners.

Blog Item #16: Alternatives to carrying a handgun:

Some of the more popular weapons of choice are:
The martial arts weapons, usually bulky to carry and less popular than most alternatives to handguns.

The most popular, the old fall back, a knife.

The Taser Gun, shoots an electrical charge into your opponent. Used by many law enforcement officers as an alternative to deadly force. Now sold fr private use.

The hand held stun device and pepper spray, both favorites of women. Easy to carry in a purse.

The stun gun that looks like a real gun. Good choice for men. Easily worn on the belt in a holster, hard to determine if it's a real gun. Works like the stun device.

Blog Item #17: Even If You Ban All Guns:

The Oklahoma Bomber among many other incidents around the world have proven, guns kill one on one, while explosives, mostly homemade kill or mame many at onetime.