Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Item #16: Alternatives to carrying a handgun:

Some of the more popular weapons of choice are:
The martial arts weapons, usually bulky to carry and less popular than most alternatives to handguns.

The most popular, the old fall back, a knife.

The Taser Gun, shoots an electrical charge into your opponent. Used by many law enforcement officers as an alternative to deadly force. Now sold fr private use.

The hand held stun device and pepper spray, both favorites of women. Easy to carry in a purse.

The stun gun that looks like a real gun. Good choice for men. Easily worn on the belt in a holster, hard to determine if it's a real gun. Works like the stun device.


Anonymous said...

phewt! guns are for pussies --knives are a mans weapon

silent, deadly, untraceable.
well, unless you leave it at the scene with your DNA all over it, or you get covered in blood from the hundred times ya gotta stab someone to kill them , but pretty much silent, though ya gotta give me that! allright guns are better

Lets Party said...

Women Gathering At Homes For 'Taser' Parties

Events Called Tupperware Parties Of 2007

Groups of women are gathering at homes across America for Taser parties, where the guns are presented with wine and cheese, similar to earlier Tupperware parties.

A host at the parties explains the value of owning a personal Taser gun and then women are allowed to look at and handle the devices, which include a metallic pink gun.
Lisa Rigberg, who hosted a recent Taser party in an upscale Arizona neighborhood, said the guns are a must-have for women.
"It's light, it's small and it comes in colors," Rigberg said. "But if you know you are going to be in a certain situation where you might be uncomfortable, why not have it with you? It just makes you more confident."
The new Taser guns fit into a woman's purse and are light, according to the Local 6 report.

Taser International, Inc., is selling the devices.

@008 Rage for Best Women's Parties said...

Taser parties all the rage these days?

We realize tasers have been getting an awful lot of attention lately after that Gator down south got a bit too feisty at a John Kerry Q&A session, but we're trying hard to believe that this story is from a parallel universe and not our own. Apparently, some women in America are gathering around hors d'oeuvres and bottled water to hear taser plugs, which is quite a leap from the oh-so-innocent Tupperware parties of yesteryear. As expected, paranoid gals are snapping up the pink versions like they're going out of style, but considering that stun gun-proof garb is just around the corner, you should probably save your cash and just stick with the BlackBerry.

Anonymous said...

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