Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Item #11: Gun Owners and the NRA:

Does the NRA (National Rifle Association) truly represent gun owners, sportsman, and hunters?
Lets get a topic going on this one.
If you are older, like my Dad, you will remember when the NRA was worth belonging too, now it's just another organization with its hand out for money in membership fees and trinkets for dale.


Liberal USA said...

Open Letter to NRA & other naive/stupid gun supporters.....

The NRA and gun supporter's response to the school shooting:

"If every student on campus were allowed to carry a gun, then this tradgedy could have been avoided, or at least some lives may have been spared."

Response to this idiotic comment:

Scenario 1: As the shooter emerges and starts firing, 100 other students in the lecture hall simultaneously produce guns and start returning fire.... creating a hail of bullets and crossfire that could potentially been even more dangerous.

Scenario 2: Since all these other students are allowed to carry guns...... what happens when one or more of those thousands of students ALSO stops taking their meds, has a nervous breakdown, gets dumped by their girlfriend, gets a really bad grade on a test, gets in a fight with their parents, flips out and starts going crazy, or just has a really bad day..... and decides to use their guns to enact revenge.????

The point is, you never know who is mentally unstable or who WILL be in the future..... the more people that have guns, the more likely it is that a gun is going to be in the hands of someone who is mentally unstable/crazy and likely to use it to kill innocent people.

Wake the fuck up and stop being a dumb tard.

Here an idea, how about all you gun supporters go get CHarlton Heston to go buy you an island, where you call all run around like monkeys shooting whatever the hell you want. Leave us civilized people to live in peace.

Last time i checked, its pretty hard to kill someone with a knife or baseball bat when you're standing on a stage 20 feet away from them.......

You fucking ignorant right wing conservative morons really piss the hell out of me on this issue....

Anonymous said...

the guy who wants to ban guns -is in the nra

the NRA, much to the detriment of gun owners, is not a friend to them,they have financed and backed, every gun law since their inseption.while all the gun owners think they are for them, they are going behind their back to erode their rights even more.If you want to join an organization that fights the nras'join gun owners of america